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Ochrana orla krikľavého na Slovensku

Conservation of Aquila pomarina in Slovakia

Layman´s Report

AquPom layman web

If you are interested in the Project "Conservation of Aquila pomarina in Slovakia" and its results, you can download present Layman´s Report.

Movie online


Movie Together we can Save the Lesser Spotted Eagle is now available online

TV Central

TV Central

22.5. 2015 členovia projektového timu porozprávali o realizácii projektu v magazíne nitrinskej TV CENTRAL Celý rozhovor si môžete pozrieť tu.



Slovak Radio and TV reports on Conservation of the Lesser Spotted Eagle

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Project Objective

The main project objective is to enhance the conservation of the Lesser Spotted Eagle in Slovakia by establishing favourable conditions for the stabilisation of Slovak population, that represents a significant part of a breeding population in the Carpathian Ecoregion and is a part of the Central European population

This main objective should be fulfilled by implementing measures for

  • ensuring conservation of breeding and feeding habitats of the Lesser Spotted Eagle
  • eliminating forestry activities with adverse effects on breeding habitats of the Lesser Spotted Eagle
  • reducing main causes of disturbance and mortality
  • increasing personnel and technical capacity to ensure appropriate protection of the species

LIFE09 NAT/SK/000396

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