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Ochrana orla krikľavého na Slovensku

Conservation of Aquila pomarina in Slovakia

Layman´s Report

AquPom layman web

If you are interested in the Project "Conservation of Aquila pomarina in Slovakia" and its results, you can download present Layman´s Report.

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Movie Together we can Save the Lesser Spotted Eagle is now available online

TV Central

TV Central

22.5. 2015 členovia projektového timu porozprávali o realizácii projektu v magazíne nitrinskej TV CENTRAL Celý rozhovor si môžete pozrieť tu.



Slovak Radio and TV reports on Conservation of the Lesser Spotted Eagle

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Project Actions

The project involves 28 actions. Most of them is implemented in eight Special Protection Areas forming the Project Area.

Preparatory actions are mainly focused on technical planning and trainings. Based on analysis of breeding and feeding habitats, eagle-friendly habitat management guidelines for forestry, agriculture and nature conservation sectors will be elaborated. Background documents for management plans for SPAs included to the project and for updating the national Rescue Plan for the Lesser Spotted Eagle shall be also developed. Project further focuses on the elaboration and promotion of specific forest environmental scheme for protection of the Eagle breeding habitats and on promotion of agri-environmental schemes contributing to the improvement of its feeding habitats. Such schemes shall be integrated into the Rural Development Program for the period 2014-2020.

Direct protection of breeding territories will be ensured in all 8 SPAs by establishing protective zones around A. pomarina nests targeted by the project. Additionally, breeding success will be increased by stabilization of existing natural nests as well as construction and installation of artificial nests, all accompanied with intensive inspections in the vicinity of nests to ensure compliance with the conservation regime.

Insulation of dangerous 22 kV pylons situated in feeding territories of A.pomarina in Horna Orava and Laborecka vrchovina SPAs plays an important role in preventing A. pomarina injuries and losses caused by electrocution.

Rehabilitation of injured eagles will be secured in the Zazriva Rehabilitation Centre. Rehabilitated birds will be released into the wild in locations where they were found.

Analyses of dead adults, chicks, infertile and abandoned eggs for presence of pesticide will be carried out and results shall be used in development of above-mentioned technical documents as well as in lobbying for reducing the use of pesticide negatively impacting on breeding success of A.pomarina.

To raise public awareness on conservation practices in favour of A.pomarina and incentives available for this purpose, meetings will be held with local stakeholders (foresters, farmers, hunters). Educational presentations be made mainly in schools. Video movie will be produced and broadcasted in TV or used in eduactional activities.

Effectiveness of the project acctions is evaluated through intensive population monitoring of 140 -160 breeding pairs , which repreesent cca 20 % of the nationel population of the Lesser Spotted Eagle.

LIFE09 NAT/SK/000396

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