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All bird victims of poisoning during the last years finally got their satisfaction! Near the Municipality of Šarišské Michaľany in Prešov region (Eastern Slovakia) two people were arrested on suspicion of a crime – placing poisoned bait that resulted in the death of several birds of prey.


During the investigation our organisation – The Raptor Protection of Slovakia played an important role as well as the State Nature Conservancy of SR and the Slovak Police Force. This cooperation was necessary to reach this special moment. The investigation is in progress and the suspects´ houses are being searched by the police. We would like to thank to everyone who contributed and helped us! In the attached pictures you can see a female Peregrine Falcon that was poisoned while brooding in Eastern Slovakia and a poisoned White-tailed Eagle pair. We believe this case will be a warning to all potential perpetrators and that birds of prey will be safer in Slovakia. As the investigation is in progress we ask you for patience until we are able to provide more information.

We appreciate your support that helps us to protect victims of illegal activities. You can help us here. Thank you.


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